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Greenbrier Students Engaged in Farm to School Experiences during Healthy Heart Month!

Posted Date: 03/03/2022

students constructing a food webThe Greenbrier School District is continuing its partnership with UCA and Health Flavors Arkansas by implementing mini-curriculum units in our health, family and consumer science, and agriculture classrooms. 

Students in Coach Stone’s 7th grade health classroom utilized a manipulative activity to learn about food system connections. Students were given cards listing a component of the food system on the front, and connected relationships on the back. Students were then asked to use string to physically map out connections between food, health, society, and the environment. Once the web was complete Coach Stone introduced events to the web such as drought. In this example the student with the water card pulled on their string. Students who felt the tug would then have to explain the potential  impact of the event before pulling their own strings, and the chain reaction continued. This activity gave students a clear visual for how stress on one part of the system can create cascading consequences for other parts of the system. 

In Survey of Agricultural Systems Mrs Spinks’ students worked to locate farmers markets as well as farms with direct sales in the area. They then used this information to map out sources for locally grown foods in the area. Ms. Bilderback’s Family and Consumer Science classes utilized locally sourced pecans for a baking project. They collected the pecans from the pecan tree by the administration building, cracked them, and created delicious pecan pies from scratch! Students in Ms. Nims’ Family and Consumer Science classes are looking up information on various agricultural innovations, such as GMOs and tractors, that have changed the journey of the farm to table movement. Students in her class from farming families have also brought in resources to present to peers regarding their experiences and how they challenge preconceived ideas of farmers.

This week UCA students are back on campus measuring food waste in our purple-hull pea recipes. We are excited to see the impact learning about locally sourced foods has had on consumption patterns among our students!

learning about food webs farmers markets pecan gathering

pecan crushing bag of pecans looking for farmers markets