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Achievement Gap Task Force

Posted Date: 03/14/2018

task force 1 Each year the school district’s Achievement Gap Task Force committee comes together to look at district data and discuss educational topics in order to answer questions and inform the community and stakeholders.  This year Mrs. Lindsay Griffin, the district’s Task Force coordinator, facilitated the work of looking at continued use of the ACT Aspire and related student data as well as sharing viewpoints on the purposes of education. The committee’s Task Force 2focus was on how the Greenbrier Public School District works to prepare our staff and students. Teacher leaders, assistant principals, and district leaders presented on strategies and methods implemented and integrated to assist in preparing students while teaching the Arkansas State Standards.  Additionally, the district technology coordinator informed the committee on the current role technology is playing in instruction and assessment, including steps that have been taken to assure the district is prepared with appropriate resources. Input from the committee members was invaluable as they shared perspectives as students, educators, parents, business owners, and  task force 4community members. The Greenbrier School District looks forward to this continued collaboration through the Task Force and other initiatives. 

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