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Governor Hutchinson Commmends Greenbrier Schools

Posted Date: 05/17/2018



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The Greenbrier School District was honored to host Governor Asa Hutchinson this morning at the Greenbrier High School Fine Arts Center. Students and staff representing all campuses attended the event which celebrated the district’s schools.  Governor Hutchinson spoke very highly of the work and efforts made by students, teachers, staff, and leaders. His speech specifically highlighted two major accomplishments for Greenbrier Schools:

  • Each of the seven Greenbrier Schools received As on the recently released state school report cards

  • Each of the seven Greenbrier schools received Recognition and Reward funding based on student achievement and/or student growth, totaling $453,854.52.

Greenbrier Schools were commended for these many accolades as Governor Hutchinson saluted the district’s excellence in education.

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