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Greenbrier School District Receives Grade Level Reading Grant

Posted Date: 05/17/2018

Greenbrier School District Receives Grade Level Reading Grant

Greenbrier School District is excited to announce to all of our kindergarten-2nd grade families that we have received the Grade Level Reading Grant through the Arkansas Community Foundation. The grant is funding our “Whispers from School to Home” project, which is providing your child with an ABC chart and whisper phone.

Our goal is to help support reading at home during the summer months, and therefore help your child maintain the growth made this school year.  

Throughout the Summer of 2018, we will also be using our school websites and social media pages to:

  • Share our excellent educators modeling and explaining some simple yet worthwhile reading activities to do at home

  • Share ideas on how you can access books and other texts throughout the summer

  • Share documents with reading tips and tricks for early readers

With these great materials provided through the grant, the online videos to be released throughout the summer months, and your help at home, we are excited about minimizing summer learning loss

Please partner with us by keeping your child’s new ABC chart and whisper phone in a specific location throughout the summer months, and watching for the other resources on schools websites, social media, and your email.

Along with the materials being sent home, you will be receiving the summer calendar for the Greenbrier Library!  Please take advantage of this excellent resource in our very own town to keep books in your child’s hands throughout the summer. 

Have a great summer, and keep on reading! To access ideas each week, please follow your school’s and our district’s pages!

Eastside Elementary School


Greenbrier Eastside Elementary

Springhill Elementary School


Springhill Elementary School

Westside Elementary School


Greenbrier Westside Elementary

Wooster Elementary School


Wooster Elementary

Greenbrier School District


Greenbrier Public Schools

Whisper Phone Ideas:

Several times a week, have your child practice say the following into the whisper phone:

  • the letter sounds while using the ABC chart A-Z

  • the letter sounds while using the ABC chart Z-A (backwards)

  • the letter names while using the ABC chart

Give students CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words such as cat, jet, pig, etc. and have students break words down into individual sound using the whisper phone. Ex: cat /k/ /a/ /t/

Stay tuned to our websites, social media, and your email for more simple ideas to use throughout the summer!