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Whispers from School to Home: Tip #5 for Summer Reading

Posted Date: 06/21/2018

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Our Whispers from School To Home Project is well underway thanks to the Arkansas Communities Foundation!  Check out the list below to review the tips shared thus far, as well as to access our new tip #5!

Tip #1 - For whatever occasion you are packing a bag, whether for a visit to grandparents’ house or even a quick doctor’s appointment, remember to pack a book!  You can easily replace a short amount of “screen time” with worthwhile “read time” by doing so.

Tip #2 - Use our local libraries!  Several kids and parents joined Mrs. Ashley Hammett and Mrs. Megan Girdler at the Greenbrier Library on June 13th for story time! THEY WILL BE THERE AGAIN ON JUNE 27TH AT 10:30 FOR STORYTIME, WHISPER PHONE ACTIVITIES, AND GREAT BOOK SELECTIONS FOR KIDS! MARK YOUR CALENDAR!

Tip #3 - Ask questions! Great readers ask questions before they read, while they read, and after they read! Just for fun, you can even ask or answer the questions in your whisper phone!

Tip #4 - There’s several activities you can use your whisper phones for, including rhyming!  Pause after each page and whisper the rhyming words over and over!

Tip #5 - Several organizations and companies provide grade level appropriate book lists for reading recommendations! Consider purchasing new books for treats, gifts, or simply for a weekly routine or hobby!  A few book lists can be found through Scholastic Summer Challenges or Reading Rocket’s Book Finder.

Happy summer and happy reading! We hope to see you at the Greenbrier Library on June 27th at 10:30!

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