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Board Members Participate in Annual School Visits to Observe Best Practices from Greenbrier Staff

Posted Date: 02/27/2019

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board 1During each spring semester, in correlation with School Board Appreciation, the Greenbrier School Board sets aside time to visit each school in order to observe and learn more about the instructional practices and district systems that are implemented on a daily basis. By visiting classrooms across the district, our school board members saw such a wide range board 2of practices in place to increase student learning. This included labs and STEM challenges in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math), digital tools across the curriculum, special services, application of practices learned through the Science of Reading and RISE initiatives, certifications from Career Technical Programs, fine arts teaching and learning, collaboration with community partners, and so much more.  Additionally, school board members learned more about the board 5use of our data walls, intervention/enrichment systems, and collaborative teams to enhance instructional leadership while supporting the needs of individual students.


Thank you to our school board for the visits they made to schools this week! Thank you to our staff members, students, and community for making Greenbrier such an excellent district! #GreenbrierProud

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