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Elementary Highlights of Digital Learning Day

Posted Date: 03/04/2019

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Schools across the district participated in Digital Learning Day on Thursday, February 28th.  Digital Learning Day was started as a way to actively spread innovative practices and ensure that all youth have access to high-quality digital learning opportunities no matter where they live. Some of the #DLDay activities at our elementary schools include:

Springhill Elementary classes using FlipGrid to spread encouraging messages to different classrooms in the building, as well as some community members sending in encouraging videos to SES students!  5th grade learned how to compose music using a digital platform. With so much music being composed digitally, students were excited to jump into GarageBand!

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At Wooster Elementary,  4th graders used Soundtrap to create their own music tracks, and Mrs. Fairbanks’ class joined Mrs. Stevens in the media center to do a Google Hangout with Mrs. Tapley and some Jr High students! Two of our students read to them and two 9th graders read to Wooster students.

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At Eastside Elementary School, kindergarten took a virtual field trip called "Meet the Animals of North America," then wrote about an animal they learned about. 5th grade participated in a digital breakout to  learn about Dr. Seuss as an author, using word puzzles and different passages to answer questions and unlock the code! 4th grade went on a digital field trip to Wyoming to learn more about the setting of their current novel, Paint the Wind.

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We enjoyed using Digital Learning Day to highlight many of the digital tools used regularly throughout the school year!