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School Board Spotlight: Randy Goodnight

Posted Date: 04/22/2019

GoodnightRandy Goodnight has served on the Greenbrier School Board since 2007.  He and all five of his siblings graduated from Greenbrier, and his own children did as well, RJ in 2010 and Jenny in 2017.  Both his wife and mother in law taught in Greenbrier for over 30 years each, and he has many other educators in his extended family.  He has been deeply connected to our community not just through the schools but also his businesses and farms.

Mr. Goodnight has been involved in our schools in many ways, including sponsoring  the first Watch Dog Dad program at Westside Elementary School. He is charter member and secretary of the Greenbrier FFA Foundation and Greenbrier Athletic Foundation, as well as a two time honorary chapter FFA degree.

Throughout his years on the school board, Mr. Goodnight has been very active in educational and school board work.  He has served for four years on the Joint Legislative Committee for Safe Schools, served as Director of Region 8, and is currently President Elect of the Arkansas School Board Association.

Thank you, Mr. Randy Goodnight, for your service and commitment to the Greenbrier School District. 

Goodnight in classroom