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Task Force on Effectiveness & Efficiency Leads Continual Improvement for Greenbrier School District

Posted Date: 04/26/2019

Task Force on Effectiveness & Efficiency Leads Continual Improvement for Greenbrier School District

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task force 2Under the direction of the Greenbrier School Board, Superintendent Scott Spainhour established the Greenbrier School District Task Force on Effectiveness and Efficiency. This team of professionals, representing a variety of grade levels, content areas, departments, and all schools, have assisted in determining the direction of district wide systems and processes. The goals of the Task Force are to increase cohesiveness and collaboration district wide, improve efficiency in the use of our educator's time task force small groupand resources, and streamline the most impactful processes and systems that have led to student success across the district.  








Accomplishments related to these goals have been tremendous.  Some of the improvements include:

  1. Revising the minimum requirement of Aspire Classroom Assessments from 5 per content per grade level to only 5 total per grade mixed among the content/subject areas. Teachers had the option to administer more Classroom Assessments if they chose to better inform and support their instruction.
  2. Revised the schedule for Measures of Academic Progress to remove the fall testing window, changing this assessment from 3 to 2 times a year.  

  3. Scheduled protected time during weekly team meetings for teachers to complete data reflections for various assessments.

  4. Selected the most important data reports to be used by all schools to glean information about teaching and learning

  5. Created common data reflections that were beneficial to teachers based on the components of the selected report

  6. Revised Student Intervention Team referral forms from hard copy to digital format that allowed for teachers to collaborate on the referral

  7. Design procedures for Student Intervention Teams to report allowable information, decisions, and updates on students back to the teacher teams

  8. Worked as elementary and secondary teams to reflect on the strengths and the areas of growth for our Response to Intervention Systems

The Task Force on Effectiveness and Efficiency will  continue its work through the 2019-2020 school year to lead task force pairongoing improvements in the Greenbrier School District.  Thank you to the following Task Force members for their dedication to continual improvement and for their leadership.

Katrina Robertson

Mandi Dunlap

Tricia Daniels

Teresa Golden

Angie Betancourt

Melanie Vanover

Amber Brantley

Kathryn Crymes

Caroline Baker

Stephanie Worthey

Amy Evans

Melissa West

Bryce Bennett

Blake Benton

Matthew White

Amber Sudduth

Jason Miller

Susan Harmon

Margie Towery

Blake Driskell

Marcy Wells

Travis Barrentine

Lisa Huffmaster

Kelli Martin

Peggy O'Reilly

Scott Spainhour

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task force west