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Ms. Anthony & Ms. Loggins, Child Nutrition Managers, Presented with June's "Whatever It Takes" Award

Posted Date: 06/25/2019

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Two of our excellent Child Nutrition managers were presented with the “Whatever it Takes” Awards during the June school board meeting!  

Ms. Pam Anthony, Manager of GHS Child Nutrition, has been with the Greenbrier School District for 24 years. The quality and care of the food her kitchen produces is top notch!  Not only does Pam help countless times with creating exciting menus, she also goes above and beyond to cater to the teachers with handmade burgers, fresh chicken and tuna salad, homemade cakes, cobblers, and desserts.  In the fall, Pam volunteered to cook and cater food for the hospitality room at the High School home football games.  Lastly, Pam was able to produce AND sell 675 DOZEN rolls to save money for the senior Child Nutrition Scholarship Fund.  Because of this, we awarded more money than ever to three graduating seniors.   

Ms. Janet Loggins, Manager of WES Child Nutrition, started with Greenbrier two years ago and at the last minute before the 18-19 school year. She was promoted to a manager for an open spot at Springhill within the first month, where she expanded the teacher bar at SES. Ms. Janet clearly brought the morale back to life in the SES kitchen, creating a better relationship with SES staff.  During the year Janet accepted the WES Manager position, where she improved schedules, menus, and teacher and student participation in the cafeteria, including a teacher food bar up and running within three days. She created a grab and go salad option for 4th and 5th graders and welcomed the board members to lunch this year. Both the students and the teachers can't wait to see what's going on in the lunchroom!   We’re so proud of the great environment she is creating in just a few months. 

Thank you to Ms. Anthony and Ms. Loggins for their dedication to our schools, students, and district!  We appreciate you for doing “Whatever It Takes” each day!