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District Approved for Alternate Methods of Instruction Days in Case of Inclement Weather/Emergency

Posted Date: 11/12/2019

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Greenbrier School District has been approved for Alternate Methods of Instruction days in the case of inclement weather or other emergency circumstances. If this is ever the case as we enter the winter months, parents/guardians will be notified through our eNotes phone call and email, as well as through the district/school websites and social media. Google classroom and apps through student gmail accounts will be the main method of accessing student packets, and any students without internet access will receive AMI packets in hard copy.  AMI days will allow for Greenbrier School District to maintain the timing of student learning throughout the year rather than adding additional days to the school calendar in May. Please watch for emails and on your weekly parent announcement from your child’s school to see specific information and where to access AMI details on school websites.