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SES Instruction is in Full Swing

Posted Date: 08/20/2021

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SES instruction is in full swing! On Friday Mrs. Krissell’s class worked with base 10 and place value charts. Students have the flexibility to write on desks or dry erase boards as they work through problems as a group, sharing their strategies with each other. Mrs. McLarty’s class spent some time learning about early immigration in the United States in order to prepare to read the novel Orphan of Ellis Island. Mrs. Crass’s class spent time getting to know each other by participating in a picture sort. Students were able to move around the classroom, select a picture that resonated with them, and share more about themselves. Mrs. Mahan’s kindergarten class practiced letter formation and fine motor skills, While Mrs. Sutterfield covered technology skills and what it means to have a growth mindset. SES Teachers are doing Whatever It Takes for our students!