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COVID-19 and AMI Information

COVID-19 and AMI Information   
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Parents/Guardians of Greenbrier Students,

Thank you for your ongoing support and communication regarding the COVID-19 virus. We know that this is a challenging time for our entire school community, including the families of our Greenbrier students. Due to the increase and spread of confirmed COVID 19 cases across our state, and in an effort to protect families and members of our school community to the highest degree possible, revisions have been made to our provision of food and meals in the upcoming weeks.  

Beginning Monday, April 6, food boxes for students with the most significant need will be available for pick up at the GMS/GJHS campus each Monday 1:00-2:30 p.m. Building principals and counselors are currently contacting individual families who have received food boxes in the past with this information about the weekly food box distribution. If you are unsure if you are on this list and are currently in  need of food, please call your school on the morning of Monday, April 6th. Again, food boxes will need to be picked up in order for us to ensure your family’s safety.

In order to best implement social distancing and meet the continued increase in recommendations for safety, food deliveries to homes and church locations will be suspended at this time. 

If a situation evolves for your family in the upcoming weeks causing an ample supply of food to become a concern, please contact  your school principals or counselor, and we will provide you with options to meet the need. 

This is an extremely difficult decision to make, but we know it is the safest decision for our community regarding the spread of COVID 19.


Scott Spainhour, Superintendent



Parents of Greenbrier Students:

As always, we greatly appreciate your ongoing support regarding the COVID-19 virus and AMI days for our school district. We hope that our regular communication is effectively and efficiently informing our school community. Below is more important information: 

Submitting Hard Copies of AMI Packets:

We ask that, to the best of your ability, return hard copy AMI packets on a weekly basis in one of the following ways:

  • Take pictures of or scan completed AMI work and email to the appropriate teacher.  Several free scanning apps are available on Apple products and other devices. We will be posting several links and tips on this on our district AMI website.

  • Mail completed AMI work to your school’s address.

  • Return hard copies of AMI work to the tub outside each school office. These tubs include hanging files sorted by grade level and/or teacher name, and the work can be placed in the appropriate file. Tubs will be available beginning April 6th, 2020. 

Grading and Assessment During AMI: 

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is allowing districts across the state to make decisions about assigning grades over the next several weeks of Alternate Methods of Instruction.  One of the allowable options for districts is using methods for students to “demonstrate content mastery,” which means regularly and informally checking for students’ understanding of the most essential learning topics. During our weeks of AMI, our teachers will be using such formative assessment strategies and providing students with individual feedback on their work, but students will not be given a formal letter grade unless a student or parent requests to have AMI work formally graded in order to bring up the overall semester grade. 

Typically, all students Kindergarten-12th grade receive some sort of numerical/letter grade on their report cards.  During the upcoming weeks of AMI, grades will not be assigned unless a student or parent requests to have AMI work formally graded in order to bring up the overall semester grade, which would be the average of 3rd and 4th nine weeks. Otherwise, the 3rd nine weeks grade will carry over to the semester grade for each student. Districts are still required to provide a total of four report cards per year.  Therefore, for report cards that typically provide a percentage/letter grade (A-F), the 3rd nine weeks grade will also be the 4th nine weeks grade. Each school’s student intervention team will be in individual contact with parents of students who received an F on the 3rd nine weeks report card to make a plan on how to bring the overall semester grade up (which could include some work being graded during AMI).

Please note, just because “grades” are not assigned, teachers will still be assessing student work and providing feedback for our students to continue the learning process. Scenarios for secondary student grades that are an exception to what is explained above are listed below.

Other grading factors for students in grades 9-12:

  • Students enrolled in Virtual Arkansas Courses

    • Seniors: if a senior student is in good standing as of the 3rd nine weeks, the student can be considered complete and no other work will be submitted/graded (refer to senior letter sent on March 31st about seniors being individually contacted by counselors, concurrent credit, etc)

    • 10th-11th grade students: coursework is being significantly adapted by Virtual Arkansas teachers to meet the flexibility and needs of students during AMI, and this coursework will still be graded. Students will have a 4th nine weeks grade from Virtual Arkansas.

  • Students enrolled in APEX courses:

    • Seniors: if a student is in credit recovery for a course that is a graduation requirement, that course must be completed with a passing grade to be eligible to graduate (refer to senior letter sent on March 31st about seniors being individually contacted by counselors)

    • 9th-11th grade students:  Our APEX lab manager is working with content teachers to significantly adapt APEX coursework to meet the flexibility and needs of students during AMI, and this coursework will still be graded so that students can stay on track with graduation requirements

  • Students enrolled in concurrent credit courses:

    • Students will continue to receive grades for work. Our revised course schedule and assignments have been approved by UALR. Any changes to grading or assessment policies for concurrent credit courses will be made in collaboration with UALR, and we will communicate those to students if/when necessary.

Our building administrators are able to answer any questions you have about this information or any other AMI topics that arise.  They can be contacted via email or by phone at school offices. 


Thank you,


Scott Spainhour, Superintendent


Previous Notices

AMI Announcements

Technology Hotline

501-679-8399  Tech Hotline for any technology questions or problems including password issues. For students, parents and staff! 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM. If you are asked to connect to a remote session with a technician, click here to get connected.

Wi-Fi Internet Locations

Each school has wireless Internet access available.  Just pull up in the following locations for best service.

  • High School (small lot between main building and Pavilion by science lab glass windows)
  • Junior High/Middle School (new lot on west side of junior high new wing)
  • Eastside (car-rider line)
  • Springhill (car-rider line)
  • Westside (car-rider line)
  • Wooster (bus/PE drive on southwest of building)

Additional business have indicated they have wireless Internet available for public use.  All locations are listed on the following map

Map of Food and Wi-Fi Locations