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Teacher Resources for Online Instruction

Google Meet

  • Go to
  • You can start a session from “on the fly” or you can schedule a session for a later time using your Google Calendar or use the Google Meet link embedded within a Google Classroom
  • Google Meet Guides
  • If you record the Google Meet session you will receive a link to the recording that will be saved to your Google Drive. You can then share this, if needed, to your Google Classroom.
  • Limited to users in domain (must be signed in)
  • Unlimited time
  • Can be recorded
  • Up to 250 participants (up to 100,000 livestream)
  • Integrated with Google Classroom
  • Dial-in access to meetings is available to anyone
  • Use for all student-teacher online meetings and recording instruction as needed


  • Start at
  • Guides on using Zoom.
  • Open to anyone without an account (links posted)
  • Limited to 40 minutes
  • Cannot be recorded
  • Up to 100 participants
  • Use for parents/community when not everyone can be on a Google account


  • The District has purchased a license for all accounts to use Screencastify unlimited with ful features.  Go to to get started
  • Classroom Resource Page - A resource page filled with ideas and inspiration for using video in your classroom. 
  • Certification Courses - Sharpen your screencasting skills with these brief, easy-to-follow course

Connecting to the State VPN to access eSchool or TAC

Links to Access eSchool from home (only after connected to the VPN)

eSchool SSO Accounts

  • If you forget your SSO account password you can go to to reset it.  Technology staff cannot reset it or look it up for you.

Technology Hotline

Technology Hotline


for any technology questions or problems including password issues. Students, parents and staff can call this line from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM M-F. If you are asked to connect to a remote session with a technician, click here to get connected.