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Teacher Resources for AMI and Online Instruction

Hosting an online classroom session using a video conference tool

Use Google Meet (Hangout) or Zoom to host a live session that your studnets can connect to and interact with you and the rest of the class.  Some links below will provide more information and steps to get started.  Which of these solutions you use is a matter of preference.  Both provide a very similar set of features.  Sessions can be recorded so if your students cannot connect to the live session you can still make sure they have the link to watch the recording later

  • Google Meet/Hangout
    • Anyone that has a email address can host a Google Meet session.
    • Go to
    • You can start a session from “on the fly” or you can schedule a session for a later time using your Google Calendar
    • Google Meet Guides
    • If you record the Google Meet session you will receive a link to the recording that will be saved to your Google Drive. You can then share this, if needed, to your Google Classroom.
  • Zoom
    • Start at or depending on how you setup your acount.  If you are a first-time user, any classroom teacher (students attached to them in eSchool) should go to and sign-in with their Google account.  Other staff members can just go to and use their school email address.  Contact the technology department if you have any problems or need an invite link.
    • Guides on using Zoom.

Connecting to the State VPN to access eSchool or TAC

  • Use one of the following sets of instructions to get connected to the VPN.  Once connected, return here to launch the link you need below.
  • For Chromebooks (start on page 9) These are new instructions updated 3/30/2020 for Chromebooks.  If you setup the VPN before then, you need to follow the updated instructions on Chromebooks to setup the AnyConnect Client. 
  • For Windows PCs (start on page 3)
  • For Macs

Links to Access eSchool (only after connected to the VPN)

eSchool SSO Accounts

  • If you forget your SSO account password you can go to to reset it.  Technology staff cannot reset it or look it up for you.

AMI Announcements

Technology Hotline

501-679-8399  Tech Hotline for any technology questions or problems including password issues. For students, parents and staff! 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM. If you are asked to connect to a remote session with a technician, click here to get connected.

Wi-Fi Internet Locations

Each school has wireless Internet access available.  Just pull up in the following locations for best service.

  • High School (small lot between main building and Pavilion by science lab glass windows)
  • Junior High/Middle School (new lot on west side of junior high new wing)
  • Eastside (car-rider line)
  • Springhill (car-rider line)
  • Westside (car-rider line)
  • Wooster (bus/PE drive on southwest of building)

Additional business have indicated they have wireless Internet available for public use.  All locations are listed on the following map

Map of Food and Wi-Fi Locations