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Athletics Information for the Summer of 2020

Physical Form

Greenbrier Panther School Athletics 

COVID-19 Policy & Procedures


Due to the spread of Covid-19, the Greenbrier Schools Athletic Department has developed a list of policy and procedures for coaches, staff, parents, and student athletes to follow to promote a safe return to athletics.  This required list is based on guidelines set forth by the Department of Health, Arkansas Activities Association, and the Governor of Arkansas.    



  General Rules

  • Masks must be worn by coaches and staff at all times while in the facilities (including outdoor facilities).  
  • Coaches and staff must keep social distancing guidelines. 
  • By AAA guidelines, physicals are good for 12-15 months.  Student athletes without a current physical on file with the Athletic Trainers are NOT allowed to practice. 
  • Coaches and staff must adhere to proper hand hygiene practices.  
  • Understand parents may not feel comfortable sending their child to workouts/practices. We understand this and there will be no ramifications or penalties for a student-athlete being held out or not attending.
  • AAA Dead Week - If the AAA votes to wave the typical 2 week dead period, there will be absolutely no repercussions for student athletes that miss during this time.
  • There will be an acclimatization period during the month of June with strict guidelines that gives limits on athletes’ length of participation. 
  • There are to be NO parents or spectators present during Phase 1 practices/workouts.
  • There is to be no congregating of student athletes before, during, or after workouts.
  • We understand the desire for use of our facilities, but in order to maintain proper sanitation and to conduct appropriate contact tracing, access will be highly restricted during phase 1. Access for our facilities must be approved by the Athletic Director. 
  • Only Greenbrier school teams, grades 7-12, with a certified Greenbrier coach will be allowed to use our facilities



Practice and Workout Rules

  • All athletes must be checked in and out on the tracking sheet before entering and leaving the facility or field. 
  • Please have student athletes remain 6 feet apart at all times while not practicing.  While students are working out or practicing, they must remain 12 feet apart at all times.  
  • Avoid non-sport related personal contact at all times. This includes, but is not limited to, huddles, high-fives, hand shaking, fist bumping, and chest bumping. 
  • While lifting weights, the student athlete who is spotting should wear a facemask.  Spotters are allowed on the outside of weight bars on each side, for safety reasons. Physical distancing must be maintained when not actively performing spotting duties.
  •  Once workouts are completed, students are asked to leave the facility in a timely manner. No congregating and no use of showers or locker room. Access for retrieval of stored items must be given by a coach.
  • For the month of June athletes for volleyball, basketball, and football are not allowed to share balls or equipment. 


 Tracking Athletes

  • The coaches will be provided with a notebook of daily tracking sheets.  Coaches are responsible for keeping this notebook and entering the necessary information every day that you have practice or workouts.   
  • Coaches and staff must take their own temperature and fill out the questionnaire on the tracking sheet before entering the facility or field. 
  • Before an athlete enters the facility/field, coaches or a staff member must be sure the student athlete is wearing a mask, ask them the questions required, and write the time they enter and leave each day.  If an athlete, coach, or staff answers “yes” to any of the questions, inform the Athletic Training staff and they must be sent home immediately.
  • At the end of each week, coaches are responsible for turning in their team forms to the Athletic Training Room.  

    Cleaning and Sanitizing

  • Along with the maintenance staff, coaches are responsible for frequent cleaning of equipment and surfaces throughout the day.    

    Locker Room & Common Areas

  • Athletes should not be allowed to congregate in locker rooms and common areas.  Locker rooms are not to be used.  Please encourage student athletes to come dressed and ready each day.
  • Please only allow the use of designated bathrooms.  If there is an external door to the restroom, keep the door propped open between uses.  

Student Athlete Expectations 

  • Athletes should not come to practice if they answer yes to any of the following questions:
    • Fever of 100.4 or higher in the last 48 hours.  
    • Persistent cough or trouble breathing
    • Recent exposure to a patient with Covid-19.
  • Athletes should report to practice/workouts each day ready to go.  There will be NO access to locker rooms or common areas.  
  • Each athlete will be given 1 mask by their coach.  They are to bring their mask DAILY and wear it inside the facility.  If they do not have their mask on, they will not be allowed into the facility to practice.  Athletes may use their own mask if it is approved.
  • Student athletes must sign in with their coach/staff before entering the facilities.
  • Athletes should remember to follow proper hygiene methods.  Although locker rooms and showers are closed on campus during this time, it is recommended for student athletes to shower as soon as they get home from practice and immediately launder practice clothing.  
  • Athletes should practice proper hand washing and sanitizing periodically while in the school facilities. 


Acclimation Period

A student is limited on the time they can spend doing activities in the month of June.  This is time per student per day, not per student per sport.  A student can participate a maximum of 5 days per week.

  • Days 1-2…..Maximum of 1 hour
  • Days 3-5…..Maximum of 1.5 hours
  • Days 6-10…..Maximum of 2 hours
  • Days 11-13…..Maximum of 2.5 hours
  • Days 14-25…..Maximum of 3 hours


June Information

  • Basketball, Football, & Volleyball will start practicing on a limited basis in June for grades 8-12
  • Boys BB will practice in the Panther Pavilion
  • Football will practice at the HS indoor and field
  • Girls BB and Volleyball will practice at the JH gym
  • Times and days will be posted by your coach
  • Baseball tryouts for players not on last year’s team and incoming 9th graders will be June 8-10 at the HS baseball field from 5:00-6:00
  • Softball tryouts for players not on last year’s team and incoming 9th graders will be June 15-17 at the HS softball field from 5:00-6:00
  • Volleyball tryouts for athletes entering the 8th-12th grades will be June 17-18.  Hs at 7:00, 9th grade at 9:00, 8th grade at 11:00
  • Basketball, Cheer, Tennis, Golf, Cross Country tryouts will be in July depending on the Health Departments guidelines for the month of July.

Basketball, Football, & Volleyball for 7th graders will have a player’s informational meeting on June 9 and a practice on June 18.    Boys BB and FB will be at the HS indoor and field.  Girls BB and VB will be at the JH gym.  Start times are 6:00

Your child must have a current physical to participate.  Physicals are good for 15 months so many physicals from last year are about to be out of date.  Please use the attached physical form for your physical. 

Please read the Athletics COVID policies and procedures for the month of June before sending your child to a practice. 


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