Message from the Superintendent

  • Scott Spainour

    Each day, Greenbrier educators commit to serve and engage who we consider to be the heart and soul of Greenbrier, our students and their families. The Greenbrier community continues to thrive as evidenced by its growth, opportunities for families, a growing economy, and more. Feedback from our stakeholders, school recognitions, student growth data, and new programs are an indication that the community’s success is largely in part due to Greenbrier Public Schools’ strong and intentional focus on students. With over 3,850 PreK through 12th grade learners across the district, our intricate and dynamic systems across schools provide support and extension for each student’s growth.  

    Based on needs identified throughout our school community, specifically student needs in several aspects of life, as well as current national education topics, goals for the district include:

    1. To continually create safer and more secure learning environments

    2. To implement an evidence-based, tiered system of mental health support

    3. To implement the Science of Reading in all classrooms for all students through collaborative student systems, we work among grade level, content, school, and district teams for efficiency and effectiveness of student systems.

    4. To develop leaders through social skills, growth mindset, evidence-based professional development, and intentional educational networks.

    Thank you for your continued support for the Greenbrier School District.

    Scott Spainhour

    Superintendent of Schools

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