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  •  Writing 4th Grade

    Writing in 4th Grade

    Mrs. Brown’s students recently completed an enrichment writing activity. All students drew a card and wrote a story from the characters point of view that was listed. Some were trees, dogs, coaches, and even baseball players. It was a great way to put their knowledge gained this week to use and be creative pulling their own background knowledge into their stories. #SESstandOUT #GreenbrierProud

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  •  Kindergarten Word Building

    Kindergarten Word Building

    Small groups are such an important part of the day for students in K-2. This group of Kindergarteners was working hard on building and reading nonsense words during their warmup drills. Small groups help to focus on specific needs of students to give them what they need to become stronger readers. #SESstandOUT #GreenbrierProud

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  •  Counselor's Week

    We love our Counselor, Mrs. Benton

    We had a great week celebrating our outstanding school counselor, Mrs. Benton!!! So many kiddos gave her precious cards & gifts all week long. She truly makes Springhill feel special and safe for so many students! We couldn’t imagine SES without her!! #SESstandOUT #GreenbrierProud

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  •  Whatever it Takes

    Whatever it Takes for Mrs. Hillis

    We are so proud of our very own Mrs. Hillis for receiving the Whatever it Takes award tonight at the board meeting! She truly goes above and beyond for all students!!! You’re a true StandOUT, Mrs. Hillis!

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  •  valentine's day

    Valentine's Day & #LoveTeachingWeek

    Mrs. Hammett and Mrs. Isom surprised the teachers with coffee to start our Valentine’s Day and #LoveTeachingWeek celebrations!! They sure are easy to spoil!! ☕️❤️ #SESstandOUT #GreenbrierProud

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  •  SRO day

    SRO Day for Officer Taylor

    National SRO Appreciation Day!!! It’s just another day we get to say how thankful we are for Officer Taylor!!! She’s always doing something amazing to make Springhill even better. We appreciate her heart for our kids and families!! Thank you for all you do!! #SESstandOUT

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  •  Micro teaching

    Micro-Teaching Learning for Teachers

    Members of our Guiding Coalition were asked to step out of the comfort zones by filming themselves teaching. This is one of John Hattie's strategies called Micro-teaching. The idea behind Micro-teaching is much like viewing game film: you're learning and reflecting on the live action to make improvements and/or learn from it. Teams K-5 watched videos and had such rich discussions about the lessons they analyzed. Every teacher walked away learning something new or had a strategy in mind they wanted to implement into their own classrooms. We are so proud of the vulnerability our teachers displayed today because our kids will benefit from today's learning. Our teachers truly StandOUT with strong hearts and strong minds!!!! #SESstandOUT #GreenbrierProud

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  • Common/Proper Noun

    Common and Proper Noun Matching

    Mrs. Beck's 1st grade students had a little snowball fight to practice common and proper nouns. Each student was given a noun, threw it onto the carpet and picked a new noun. Once they had their new noun, they had to determine if it was a common or proper noun, then go find the matching noun. #SESstandOUT #GreenbrierProud 

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  •  Community Helpers Field Trip

    Community Helpers Field Trip

    Our kindergarten students have been learning a lot about community helpers during their latest unit of study. They've learned who community helpers are and what they do within the community. As a way to get a little extra hands-on learning, they took a field trip to our local fire station and First Service Bank. This is always an exciting learning experience for our youngest students. #SESstandOUT #GreenbrierProud

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  •  Literature Circles

    Literature Circles in 2nd Grade

    Mrs. Lane's students were using reciprocal teaching during small groups and literature circles today. Each student had a role within the group and they worked together to complete comprehension questions based on their novel. They did so well with their new roles!! Continue to StandOUT 2nd grade! #SESSTandOUT #GreenbrierProud

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  •  vocabulary

    Graffiti Wall in 5th Grade

    Mrs. Crass had her students create a graffiti wall as an instructional strategy during their literacy block. They chose a vocabulary word based on their novel and made the graffiti based on its meaning!! This allowed students to be creative and take ownership in their learning, all of which impacts student growth!! #SESstandOUT #GreenbrierProud

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    We have the best community supporters!

    A huge SHOUTOUT to FCSO and Toys for Tots for their donation of soccer balls, basketballs, and footballs for our playground. Our students are going to be so excited to start playing with these. We appreciate your support for our kids! #SESStandOUT #GreenbrierProud

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  • reciprocal teaching

    Reciprocal Teaching in 4th Grade

    Mrs. Brown and Ms. Uyeda modeled to students how reciprocal teaching works during their literacy block. Reciprocal teaching is an instructional strategy where students have their own roles in the learning and discussion. This is one of many strategies on our Model of Instruction that is used here at SES! #SESstandOUT #GreenbrierProud

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  •  Singing at the Capitol

    Singing at the Capitol

    Mr. Legris and our very own Springhill Sounds recently took a trip to the Capitol to perform a few Christmas songs. After the Capitol, they went caroling around to a few local nursing homes to spread some Christmas cheer. We love this tradition our choir gets to take part in every year. #SESStandOUT #GreenbrierProud

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  •  hook

    Little House in the Big Woods Hook

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    • When does my child have lunch?
      • 1st Grade - 11:00
      • 2nd Grade - 11:20
      • 4th Grade - 11:40
      • 3rd Grade -12:00
      • Kindergarten - 12:20
      • 5th Grade - 12:40
    • When is the school day?
      • School day begins at 7:45 a.m. and ends at 3:20 p.m.
      • Car riders should not arrive before 7:30 a.m.
      • Students arriving after 7:50 a.m. and before 8:30 a.m. or leaving between 2:40 to 3:20 p.m. will be considered tardy and must be signed in/out through the office by a parent/guardian.
      • Students arriving after 8:30 a.m. or leaving before 2:40 p.m. will receive a 1⁄2 day absence.
    • When does my child have to be picked up?
      • Car riders must be picked up by 3:40 p.m. Parents/guardians should remain in their cars when picking up their children in the afternoon so that students may be more closely monitored unless a parent needs to speak to school staff. No one will be allowed to wait inside the building.
    • How many days of school can my child miss?
      • Students shall not be absent, as defined in this policy more than 6 days in grades K-5 in a semester. When a student has 3 days in grades K-5 absences, his/her parent, guardian, or person in loco parentis shall be notified that the student has missed half the allowable days for the semester. Notification may be by telephone.
      • Whenever a K-5 student exceeds 6 unexcused days in a semester, the District shall notify the prosecuting authority and the parent, guardian, or person in loco parentis shall be subject to a civil penalty as prescribed by law. A K-5 student with 6 unexcused days in a course in a semester shall not receive credit for that semester. If the student fails to receive credit for a sufficient number of courses and at the discretion of the principal after consultation with persons having knowledge of the circumstances of the absences, the student may be denied promotion. Excessive absences, however, shall not be a reason for expulsion or dismissal of a student.
    • Where can I find dates for upcoming events?
      • Mrs. Isom sends out a weekly parent email. It contains all dates and upcoming events. You can sign up for this on the website under Enotes. Your child brings home a weekly newsletter from his/her teacher as well.
    • Can I come eat lunch with my child?
      • Yes, we have an area in the cafeteria and tables outside where you can eat with your child. You must sign in at the office with Ms. Sharon and she will call for your student. Please remember that you are only allowed to eat with your child.
    • What are some volunteer opportunities?
      • Text @standout to 81010 to join our PTO’s remind app. This is how volunteer opportunities are shared.
    • Can I bring cupcakes for my child’s birthday?
      • Unfortunately, you cannot bring cupcakes for your child’s birthday. If you would like to send a special snack, you are welcome to bring something from the approved snack list.
    • What should I do if I have a concern about my child?
      • We ask that you contact your child’s teacher first with any issues. If your child’s teacher is unable to resolve the issue they will direct you to the administrator.