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Week of September 1st-8th

GMS teachers have been hard at work planning and implementing lessons that hook and engage students into the learning! This week, 6th grade science simulated an oil spill with wind, waves, and a clean up! They are learning about how our consumption of non- renewable resources impacts the environment! 6th and 7th grade Social Studies teachers dressed up to hook their students! 6th grade is have been learning about Laws: why they were made, why they are so important, and the first set of laws written - Hammurabi's Code which is where the famous "eye for an eye" saying came from! 7th Grade Social Studies started their DBQ investigation over the Jamestown Colony today! Students worked as a team to investigate primary and secondary sources to explain why so many people from the Jamestown colony. 7th grade math rotated through stations on adding and subtracting integers. They completed integer games, created their own integer scenarios, and worked to master solving integers fluently and in real world scenarios at the teacher's station! 

We cannot wait to see what next week has in store!