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Coach Smith's Medical Stem Class took a Field Trip to UCA Occupational Therapy Department

Driving SimulationGMS Students in Coach Smith's Medical Stem Class had the opportunity to visit the University of Central Arkansas as an extension to their current unit in class. The students have been studying the human body and participated in a unique opportunity to visit the Occupational Therapy Department to learn from Mrs. Janauary Schultz, Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy. The students went through different simulation stations where they were given different types of scenarios involving mobility and vision problems. They also had the opportunity to look at a human cadaver's brain and spinal cord to compare it to the animal dissection that they had been studying in class. This field trip provided hands-on activities along with innovative simulations for the students to experience. It was a great extension to their classroom unit. Thank you to Coach Smith for providing such a great learning experience for our Medical Stem Classes. 

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