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Vowel "arrrrrrr"

🏴‍☠️ Captain Bossy R has been in Mrs. Hamaker’s class all week teaching about how an r right after a vowel changes its sound. We’ve done a multi sensory “challenge” with our new bossy r sounds each day to see if the kiddos can join Bossy R’s crew.
❌ They were challenged with creating a map of AR words that were set out around the class, with a few trick words that did not have ar (and therefore had to walk the plank)
❌ They had to choose and read the correct word with “IR” to feed my bird, Miranda
❌ They were given “silver” and had to read them and decide which words to put in the treasure chest (words with “ER”) and which words were “counterfeit” to toss back to the sea. #EESlegacy #greenbrierproud