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STEM Learning Ideas for Home

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Having activities at home that combine these topics is important for your child’s ability to understand and ask questions about the world around them.

There is no better time than autumn, when the season is changing, to investigate our environment!  

A great activity to do with your family is to visit the pumpkin patch! Encourage your child to make predictions about the weight and size of their pumpkin, and then use scientific tools like a scale to measure together. After carving the pumpkin, use the insides to make pumpkin slime together. Weigh your pumpkin again to see how the mass changed after carving!

Another activity you can do with your child is investigate how change occurs when making smores together! Gather around the fire, and allow your child time to make predictions about what they think happens to marshmallows and chocolate in that process. You can also use the ingredients to engineer a small, graham cracker structure, like a fort! Get as creative as you want, but don’t forget to let them eat those ingredients when you’re done. 

I hope your family will join mine in enjoying this fall season together and incorporating STEM learning at home.

pumpkin patch