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Central Office Staff Awarded Whatever it Takes

Central office staff

Our Central Office Team was recently presented with the June Whatever It Takes award! We are #GreenbrierProud to recognize the work and commitment of these team members throughout the  entire year!  
Chris Rimmer has processed 3,508 purchase orders this year. She is always willing to serve and help others from gathering receipts, making last minute credit card payments from a training, helping an employee with insurance,  or assisting an employee transitioning to retirement.
Robin Lewis Sprague has processed 1,884 contracts this year. She is helpful and willing to do whatever is needed with various tasks to get the job done. She pitches in and assists in all areas with a kind heart.
Allison Jones has processed 67 onboarding staff for the district. She enters all paperwork for new employees and has a servant’s heart with an upbeat attitude. She will always put a smile on your face and has so many talents.
Cheryl Hartwick has processed 88 school choice applications which involves organizing and communicating with all applicants. She has a smile and a willing attitude from helping people, checking onboarding information to giving directions on campus.
LeAnn Livingston has processed 450 hand keyed timesheets this year in addition to regular payrolls. She is meticulous on making sure payroll is correct each and every time. She is always available to help and come on holidays or weekends to complete a task by the deadline. She keeps a smile on everyone’s face.
Pam McCammon leads this team and constantly looks for areas of growth. She recently teamed with other leaders to transition all onboarding and contracts to digital format to assist  our new Greenbrier staff members. Ms. McCammon’s leadership is also evident at the state level as she continues to share innovative practices and expertise from her team. 
Essential teamwork happens at the office daily to motivate and rely on each other. The team members work well together with communication and support that results in improved efficiency. We are #GreenbrierProud to have them on our team!