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A Greenbrier High School teacher receives Economics Arkansas award

Misty Burgess, one of Greenbrier High Schools Business Education teachers, received the Bessie B. Moore Award from Economics Arkansas and the Arkansas Council on Economics Education. 

Mrs. Burgess said that the goal of the project was "to strengthen the knowledge of economic vocabulary, while understanding how these concepts affect us in our daily lives; financially and emotionally. This project was later in the year, so the students were understanding many financial aspects of life, but we really hadn’t dug into the economics terminology. This was the introduction that led them through basic economics to finally get them to understand terminology with gross domestic product and the end of the year resulted in them designing a new product and pitching it to their peers". 


This award is named after Bessie B. Moore, a woman who was an advocate of public libraries and education. She served Arkansas as an "educator, administrator, innovator, advocate and good-will ambassador". She served on the Arkansas Council on Economic Education, known today as Economics Arkansas for 17 years. 

Bessie won numerous awards, including many “woman/citizen of the year” honors, honorary citizen designations, Arkansas Traveler, recipient of the Freedom Foundation Medal, and more. In 1978, the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees named its new Economic Education Center the “Bessie B. Moore Center,” making Bessie the only living woman ever so honored.

Mrs. Burgess was surprised during one of her classes on Thursday, August 31, 2023. Surrounded by her administration, fellow staff, and her students, she was awarded with gift basket, a $1,000 check, and many kind words from the staff from Ecomonics Arkansas.