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Former College Athlete Speaks to Female Athletes about Mental Health and Self-Care Wisdom

On Friday, December 1st, Haley Hink visited with students at Greenbrier High School to discuss her experience as a college athlete. 

Haley came and spoke to the female athletes in the weight lifting class about her experience throughout college as a student athlete. She touched heavily on the importance of keeping your mental health a priority in general and the ups and downs of being an athlete. She also discussed the importance of having healthy self-care and taking care of yourself as a female athlete. The athletes will be making their own self-care plan in class with the school Mental Health Therapist to help them navigate the stressors in high school and beyond.


Haley Hink was a college softball player at Central Baptist College in Conway, Arkansas and had many family members play sports at high levels, even reaching D1 schools. She continues to have lasting benefits from playing sports in high school, as well as college.