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Week 24 at GJHS!

Another short week at GJHS, but one that still boasted tremendous activity. We were #GreenbrierProud on Tuesday for "Schools to Watch" observers to see our students using various reading strategies to learn more about their content. For instance, 8th English students made inferences about the time periods and settings of their new novels--Fahrenheit 451 or The Call of the Wild--after reviewing related pictures. Meanwhile, 9th grade Survey of Business students took notes on an article about Microsoft Excel and its formulas before choosing appropriate formulas to obtain specific data sets. Students in Family and Consumer Science classes celebrated Mardi Gras by baking and decorating decadent King cakes. On Friday, students participated in a club of their choosing during Advisory time; those who went to the "Animal Care" Club were visited by a baby lamb! #heartofapanther #strongertogether