Curriculum and Instruction

  • Greenbrier School District supports and involves students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community stakeholders through services that we offer that focus on the following areas that impact student learning:

    • Professional Development (PD) that is embedded and sustained for & by teachers & administrators
    • Assessments that are “for learning” and “of learning” during, before, and after each lesson
    • Needs Identification & Differentiation to address our diverse students
    • Technology & Resources to help students become College and Career Ready using 21st century skills
    • Home & Community Collaboration through our partnerships with parents and community
    • Engagement of students through the use of project-based, hands-on learning activities
    • Research-based strategies that address Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships (3 R’s)
    • Student-Centered learning activities where 4C’s are encouraged - Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation, and Creativity/Critical thinking.