Greenbrier Project Serve


    The focus of Greenbrier’s Project Serve is to more efficiently identify homeless children and families in and out of our schools, provide a variety of professional development for not only school personnel but also community partners, and to connect homeless families to both school and community resources. The goal is to better connect these families to the services and assistance within our schools and the larger community of Greenbrier and therefore increasing the homeless children’s likelihood of success in school. This coordination of services and resources in our strong community will initiate and strengthen connections and support for homeless families that have not existed prior to this project. As the awareness and understanding of homelessness increases in our district and the community, increased identification will allow for Project Serve to better provide a variety of services to homeless children and youth, ranging from resources to meet physical needs to improved educational experiences.  In other words, Project Serve will “level the playing field” for children experiencing homelessness.

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