• GoGuardian Parent

    GoGuardian Parent is an application available on devices running iOS and Android designed to enable parents and guardians the ability to view their children’s Internet access history, block specific websites, pause their children’s Internet, and schedule Internet availability on managed devices.  These features are intended to function on the student’s school-provided Chromebook outside of school hours. Reports will show Internet activity from any day and time.  However, the parental controls will only be effective after school hours which are Monday through Friday 3:31 PM through 7:29 AM and Saturday and Sunday.  These features have no guaranteed functionality on personally owned, unmanaged student devices.

    Guardians can install the app and get started anytime.  However, your child’s schedule must be saved and synced with GoGuardian before the app will recognize your email address which could be a day or two after you register during the school year. Also, at the beginning of school years, sometimes schedules are not generated yet and elementary student schedules are not created in our system until right when school starts.  You must use the email address that is in the school eSchool system for your guardian record.  If you try an email address that is not recognized, contact your child’s school office and ask them to update your guardian email address.